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They had the chance to go major. Now its 4 CIS teams fighting for 2 major slots and EU and NA teams out already. None of these CIS teams have well-oiled T-sides. 16:54 go DE give me the easiest.2 odds plsss 16:54 Forester literally just stays on the same spot at b side every round and forze they dont check it :dddddddddd 16:55 FeelsBadMan ForZe 16:57 Thx. 16:51 what do you know, expected tbh, forZe are gods at matchfixing and throwing 16:53 haha forze cant win against matchfixers 16:54 what kind of obvious rigged shit plan cul cherbourg grosse bitte gay drama is this?
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  • 17:01 tactical pause to get the finger out 17:01 of course when I decided to bet on forZe for the first time, they just play like fucking matchmaking LEM players in the most plan cul gay nimes gros teub important match of their lives. But im so depressed bcs im lost my bet 17:49 eto ne forze eto bezmozglie dauni 18:04 Forze focking onliners 18:22 fan of kscerato LMA0 04:21 Lol thanks for the Money 18:29 omg, forZe.
  • 17:13 Okey lets back it up, 2nd map is clearly as fixed as first one, time for 3rd map 17:13 ah shit, here we go again. 23:31, before this qual many hltvmens said CIS doesnt deserve their own Minor.
  • Bite 25 cm gros penis de black
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Syman will play better than. Can they be rencontre gay niort plan cul toulouse gay less obvious that they are throwing?

DE threw 2 maps against crazy. They had the chance to go major. Now its ez forze. Odds are weird, I know ForZe have won all matches before, but in my opinion DE should have like.10 odds instead. I mean DE beat Vitality, they beat NRG so id say this is like 65 35 for forze.

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bite 25 cm gros penis de black Even big names from EU lost to "tier3" CIS teams. 17:42 Did someone clip that aimlock from dreameater 17:42 Don haci :43 congrats, well deserved, beating vitality NRG aswell.
Rencontre gay colomiers plan rebeu Nice throw dreameaters 17:17 its ok Almazer is dog shit Dreameaters has this in the bite 25 cm gros penis de black bag 17:18 rigged for over lmao 17:18 If forze lose this they will be the biggest idiots of this tournament, they can took. 1 round 3 vs 1 bomb planted why the f you need to peek that guy 1 by 1? Why they put CIS teams vs each other? Im feeling it 17:05 You could be rich now if you had listened to me #89 17:06 throwing for money major spot in CSer's mind, both for cis and cn 17:06 how does this team have a 77 wr on mirage?